Training & Placement

Our training aims at equipping our cleaners with the necessary knowledge and skills regarding all our services. Because of the high cleaning standard we offer to our customers, the training is arranged to cover the following aspects of the day-to-day cleaning activities:

Training Outline:
Day 1 – 2 Residential cleaning services
  • Operating home based machines
  • Bedrooms , Wardrobes, Toilets and other rooms
  • Kitchens, Appliances and cupboards
  • Carpet , Wooden floor, Tiles and windows
  • Laundry, Ironing and Folding
Day 3 – 4 Community cleaning services & Commercial cleaning services
  • Operating industrial machines
  • Offices
  • Windows
  • Open areas
  • Furniture
  • Carpet , Wooden floor & Tiles
Day 5 General
  • Evaluate the area before hand
  • Complete monitoring sheet
  • Openly discuss or highlight issues with customers
  • Working with a smile and to prioritise customer needs
  • Receive criticism with the purpose of correcting customer concerns
Day 1 General In-house training
  • Evaluate day-to-day activities of your domestic worker
  • Identify day-to-day challenges
  • Assess the behaviour and attitude
  • Help the worker to apply cleaning techniques
  • Help the worker to apply laundry techniques
  • Teach how to change beds, pack wardrobes and sort cupboards/units
  • Deal with behavioural issues & challenges
  • Perform evaluation assessment
  • Provide feedback
The training is extended also to:
  • people who are not our employees; who are just willing to learn the skills and increase their chances of getting employed in this industry
  • Employees sent by their employers ( already working as a maid)
  • Employees sent by their companies ( already working for another cleaning service company)
The benefits
  • Increases the employee and employer’s confidence
  • Ensure excellent services to customers
  • Employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge