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We are the best team cleaning

Mercy Cleaning Service trading under Mercy Consulting PTY (LTD), was established in 2012 and has grown to be one of the driving force in the cleaning industry. Due to our consistency in excellence and customer satisfaction; we have grown to a standard and level of no compromising in the rendering of our services. In 2017. Mercy Cleaning Services expanded its core cleaning business to become one of the top manufactures and distributors of quality cleaning products to sustain and grow its business.

Our long-term goal is to partner with institutions within and around the world and become a reliable, flexible and affordable supplier and service provider. Mercy Cleaning Services together with its staff guarantee exceptional services that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of our business partners and customers. We are proud to say that the company is very loyal to its motto which says “Dream It! Expect It! Experience It! Today!!!”

Our Aim

Our aim is to introduce a “Services on call” company providing Reliable, Flexible and Affordable cleaning services and products to all our customers across the globe. Mercy Cleaning Services is determined to leave a remarkable experience that guarantees everlasting partnership.

our Vision

  • To provide cleaning services that exceed customer's expectations

  • To use products that are environmentally friendly and safe for kids, pets and adults

  • Provide cleaning training, skills and experience ensuring professional services

  • Empowering our employees; and take full care of them and their basic needs

  • Improve security in homes and offices by providing reliable and loyal employees

  • To maintain enduring relationship with our customer

  • To be the number one trusted cleaning company

  • To create jobs

our Goals and Objectives

  • To provide cleaning services that exceed customer’s expectations

  • Improve security in homes and offices by providing reliable and loyal employees

  • To provide strictly honored turnaround time

  • To provide products that are environmentally friendly and safe

  • To implement a hassle-free process that will ensure friendly ordering and delivery of cleaning products

  • To maintain enduring and one-on-one relationships

Why Choose Us

  • Provide reliable, flexible and affordable cleaning services

  • Massive experience in the cleaning industry

  • Security of your valuables is guaranteed

  • Excellent turn-around-time

  • We deploy well-trained and knowledgeable staff

  • Supplying products that are SABS compliant

  • Reliable and flexible supplier

  • Value and respect customer expectations

  • Honest and operate ethically

Our experts!

We are the best cleaning team.

Brenda Rembuluwani


Sazi Mamba


Emmanuel Mahlangu